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To be honest, at first I was a little skeptical-Princess was not a very sociable dog, and had the tendency to live up to her namesake and be a BRUTE! Happy to report now almost a MONTH later (where has the time gone?) she has fit into the pack like a well worn chew toy....you know the one I am referring to: deflated,no longer squeaks,slightly furry all-the-time but THE BEST TOY EVER! Thank You so very much Ryan & Rob

Heather & Princess


Dudley & Rebecca

Excited Dudley



We absolutely love this service! Ryan and Melanie are amazing! Our dog went to them immediately. We found them when we were searching for a dog walker when I returned to work from maternity leave. We wanted someone that would love our dog Dudley as much as we do...and we found it in them! Our dog is tired when we get home and is a pleasure to be around in the evening. We have been home when they have come to pick him up and he is just ecstatic to go with them. We would recommend them to anyone. We trust them with our dog and also with access to our home.



Dog Tired Toronto is hands down the best dog walking service I have ever used. My two dogs are addicted and come home 'Dog Tired'. Thank you!

Tim & Bowie

Happy Bowie

Ashley & Winston

Smiling Winston



Dog Tired Toronto is as good as it gets. My boxer Winston comes home exhausted - and any dog owner knows this is the best at the end of a long day!
Ryan and his team are true dog lovers who take the pack to locations that stimulate and excite every day. I love that he takes pictures to keep us "parents" updated on what our pooches are up to. I feel so comfortable knowing my dog is in great hands.
Working in the veterinary industry we deal with a lot of dog walkers, and I can confidently say that I have not come across a more responsible, compassionate dog lover. Great rates too!





The only cure for the Monday crazies is Dog Tired Toronto! Thanks for the peace and quiet! My extremely energetic boxers are asleep! I love our dog walker!



Laxmi & Olivia

Tired Olivia