Introducing....the Dog Tired Toronto team!



Rob Chapman was an independent dog walker who was introduced to us by one of his customers. We brought him aboard on her recommendation and he has really proved himself when it comes to handling large dogs with large appetites for fun and tomfoolery. He was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take over the business and hasn’t looked back since. He's an amazing photographer and an equally amazing and caring individual, Rob’s experience and knowledge of dogs is second to none. While currently operating full packs he's able to provide his experience to all Dog Tired clients!

Rob Chapman
Owner/Pack LeaderRob

Cheyene Bell





Cheyene Bell has come to us with experience in her sisters dog walking biz on the west coast.  She has found herself back in her home city of Toronto looking for something amazing to do and she found it.  Cheyene's tender, caring demeanor and love for animals and life really rubs the dogs the right way.  She has instantly taken over what we call the fluffy pants club at Dog Tired, and she’s running with it.   Cheyene's area is between Coxwell Ave, the DVP and Mortimer.  She hits up Cherry Beach on a regular basis and switches it up from time to time to keep things exciting.  We are sure your dog will love her just as much as we love having her on our team.